2peach is working for development of Policies for Positive Energy Affordable and Comfortable Housing 2peach is supporting implementation of energy efficiency and passive design of buildings globally as the best way to approach positive energy.

Positive, because our approach to the world and the work for energy efficient buildings is positive.

Energy, because energy is one of the vital needs in life – so we work with energy and with water, which also impede energy use.

Positive Energy, is a goal but also what drives us forward.
 We want a transformative change – but based on positive energy.

Housing or Habitat, because in most climates you only live well in buildings and in some cultures we spend up to 80% of our time in buildings. A major part of this is in our homes. Residential buildings are responsible for more than 2/3 of energy use in buildings. Access to good quality buildings is one of the biggest impacts on our daily life. Both for work and for private life.

Affordable, because such buildings should be for all, and not only for the elite. New and better buildings will only have a larger uptake if the are feasible and affordable for large groups of the population.

Comfortable, because positive energy construction should be comfortable and is the right way to bring comfort to rural areas in developing countries.

Positive Energy Buildings, could drive a transformation of our society, because positive energy buildings turns buildings from being a problem to become a central part of the solutions in our work against climate change. Positive Energy Buildings could become a way to bring energy and healthy homes to the billions of people who have no access to energy today. If buildings deliver a surplus they can help developing access to modern commodities such as food refrigeration and communication.

Policies, we promote ambitious policies because this is the only way we can transform the market and make passive design and positive energy a true option in the short term. Policies are crucial if we want to change before it is too late.

Passive design, because building need to have a good passive and bioclimatic design as the first asset to achieve the possibility to develop towards positive energy. We promote trias energetica: reduce / avoid energy need, supply efficiently and then use CO2 neutral and renewable resources.

2peach is founded and led by Jens Laustsen, building energy efficiency expert with more than 25 years’ experience in energy efficiency in buildings. Jens is currently an advisor for several international organisations and work in many international projects.

Before founding 2peach, Jens was the technical director of the Global Buildings Performance Network, GBPN. Supporting policy development in 4 key regions of the world, US, Europe, India and China. Today he still supports GBPN with senior expertise and policy advice. In the past Jens have led policy work for buildings at the International Energy Agency (IEA) developing recommendations for the G8, IEA countries and large emerging economies. Before joining the IEA, he worked with EU policies for buildings and developed building policies for the Danish government for more than a decade. He has worked as an expert for governments, international organizations and private companies.
Jens also worked as an international and independent consultant within policies and initiatives for deep energy retrofit, low energy construction and green global growth.